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2017-2018 Scrimmage #1 (Informal)

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 Sat 10th Jun, 2017

 Feilding High School

 This is a combined VRC/IQ event

 Registration Required

Event is in the school's main hall - enter from Churcher St.

This will be the first event of the new season. We are lucky enough to have a full set of game elements for VEX IQ Ringmaster, so IQ teams will get their first taste of the new game at this event. Unfortunately, we have not been so lucky with the new VEX EDR game - we do not expect to have a full set of game elements for this event. However, we will have the standard field set up and we will be handing out cones to teams that have registered for the season with Kiwibots. Teams will be able to use this opportunity to try out the new game objects on the field.

If you have not already registered for the season with Kiwibots, please consider doing so soon.
After the 8th of June the price will go up by $77 and the free game elements will no longer be available.
Registration is required if you plan to compete at Nationals or Asia-Pacific.
More details on this can be found in the Kiwibots blog post.

09:00 - Doors Open
10:00 - Morning session
12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - Afternoon session
16:00 - Finish

09:00 - Doors Open
10:00 - Check-in, Registration & Tech Inspection
10:30 - Skills Challenges & Practice Matches
11:30 - Lunch, Check-in, Registration & Tech Inspection CLOSES
12:00 - Teamwork Challenge Qualification Matches
15:00 - Finals
15:30 - Event Finishes

Team Registration
If attending, please fill in the registration form for this event.
It only takes a moment, and lets us know how many people to expect.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.