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Where: Halcombe School Hall, 30 Monteith Street, Halcombe  When: Saturday 22 June Event Type: Combined VRC and VEX IQ This will be the first competition event of the 2024-2025 season, and will be an unofficial tournament, depending on the number of teams that are ready to compete. If your robot is not ready come, bring the robot,  and use it as a build day, or just come along and have a look. Teams can register for the season on  Teams can register for th

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Hello teachers, coaches, mentors, parents, volunteers In order to participate in Kiwibots/Central Robotics VEX (IQ) Robotics Competitions you need to complete a consent form. The easiest link to sent to parents/caregivers/guardians is (replacing 9999Q with your team number) for VRC teams: for VEX IQ teams: NOTE: a confirmation email will be sent, so make sure you hit "Confirm Email" button in this e

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